When it comes to the landscaping of driveways and patios, brick pavers are the ultimate choice for many. They are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable in nature, which makes them perfect for areas with high traffic. Brick pavers are often considered a long-term investment because of their long life span and durability. Keep reading to find out how long do brick pavers last.

How Long Do Brick Pavers Last?

Installing brick pavers for your outdoor landscaping of driveways or patios is a high-end option that offers great value. How long a brick paver installation lasts depends on various factors, including the quality of material used or the efficiency of the installation process. When properly installed, brick pavers are known to last you a lifetime. The average lifespan of a good quality brick pavers installation typically falls between 50 and 100 years. It may last longer in some cases.

how long do brick pavers last

When it comes to measuring strength and durability, brick pavers win the race. Brick pavers can withstand ground movements, heavier weights, and temperature changes. They are less likely to get damaged or cracked even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations or heavy ground movements.

Brick pavers are stronger than concrete and can withstand up to 800 PSI, whereas concrete typically holds a maximum of 2500 PSI. Brick pavers are less likely to crack under pressure, whereas concrete is not as durable in comparison.

Even if there are a few cracks or damage here and there, brick pavers can easily be replaced or repaired accordingly. It is easier to replace individual brick pavers as opposed to concrete flooring. This is why various paver manufacturers offer lifetime guarantees to clients, which means that all maintenance and repair work will cost them nothing or a very small amount.

As brick pavers have a longer life span than tiles or concrete, they greatly aid in increasing the value of your property. Brick pavers are known to increase the curb appeal of a home, enticing buyers to invest in it.

Choosing brick pavers for your home’s outdoor is also considered an eco-friendlier and sustainable option. Since bricks are made using all-natural materials, it is easier to clean, repair and reuse them over the years without the need for replacement.

Brick pavers can never get out of fashion and offer a timeless style that cannot be replaced. Even an aged, slightly worn-out brick pavement brings in a vintage appeal that makes it stand out from the clutter of modern tiles or concrete floors.

What Decreases the Lifespan of Brick Pavers?

If there is one thing known to decrease the lifespan of brick pavers, it is poor installation. Poor installation of brick pavers can cause several problems, including:

  • Puddling
  • Uneven surface
  • Run-down of borders
  • Shifting of pavers
  • Sloppy outlook of the floor

Hire a Reliable & Professional Brick Paver Installation Company

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