As the indoor-outdoor home movement grows in reach across America, people have started turning towards one very innovative and practical home investment. This is the outdoor kitchen and in the sunny climate of the Mediterranean region, they are an essential part of the at-home culinary experience.

As these open-air kitchens built largely of brick and stainless steel become more ubiquitous in the U.S, many will start to ask the question: are outdoor kitchens worth the investment? Other than the more obvious benefit of the communal cooking experience with family and friends, there are a number of other factors to consider here.

In this article we will outline some of the reasons why we believe investing in an outdoor kitchen will definitely give you a worthwhile return on your costs.

outdoor kitchens worth the investment

1. Outdoor Kitchens Adds Home Value

Speaking strictly in terms of the financial value of your home, investing in a remodeling or expansion project on your home is generally an investment that sees a worthwhile return. This is because such projects add value to your home and the cost of remodeling can be recouped at the time of selling the house.

It is generally believed among experts that in today’s real estate climate, investing in an outdoor kitchen can give up to 200% returns. However, there are a few factors you may need to consider in order for your new outdoor kitchen to add the most possible value to your home.

You can potentially go about the set-up in a variety of ways. Having adequate plumbing is obviously an important factor, but deciding between electrical appliances and gasoline pipelines, for example, is an important decision to make. Which method is right for you will depend on the size and orientation of your allocated space.

Such features of the project can really end up running you a substantial bill, but our experience has taught us that these also increase returns on your investment later. These can include landscaping and hardscaping which will provide your outdoor kitchen with durability and longevity. In order to make the most of this it is important to speak with professionals as they can assess your needs and possibilities better than anyone.

2. Investment in Health and Happiness

Okay we know that most people wondering whether an outdoor kitchen is worth the investment are usually inquiring about the financial investment. However, one of the reasons why outdoor kitchens have become so popular in the U.S is that they are very much associated with currently shifting perspectives about health and happiness.

Other than the indoor-outdoor movement which considers more sustainable living options, the outdoor kitchen craze is linked to the sustainable food movement, also happening in the U.S. As more and more Americans move away from mass produced, commercial food options, they have also cultivated an appreciation for organic produce and home based cooking.

In this light the outdoor kitchen movement is a way for family and friends to come together and enjoy some time outdoors and eating homemade food. If you invest in an outdoor kitchen we are sure that this will improve your home, health and social lifestyle and that in itself is a fantastic return on your investment.


Outdoor kitchens have proven to be an innovative, practical and health-conscious form of home remodeling for many Americans. You’ll find if you talk to the right professionals and consider the above essential factors, that investing in an outdoor kitchen was the best thing you did for your home and yourself.