Nothing in this world is better than sitting on a patio at dusk in summers with a fire pit. Let me set the mood for you. Imagine sitting in a circle with your loved ones around the pit, the crackling of the burning firewood under the moonlight, flames dancing joyously and the smoldering wood planks fill the air with the smell of charred oak and then.. BOOM! The crackling gets louder, the flames get bigger, shrapnel fall all around you and your heart comes up to your throat and you are nearly passing out with the fear of your fire pit quite literally exploding.

Wood buring in a fire pit

So are pavers safe for the fire pit? Well, the answer is it depends!

Well it depends on what your pavers are made out of and pavers made out of concrete have small air bubbles trapped in them and according to our science teachers in high school, heated gas expands, so what happens when the heat from fire pit reaches all the way to the air bubbles? BAM! The pavers explode posing a danger to you and your loved ones.

Now, that does not mean you throw your entire fire pit away or your patio!

There is a solution to this disastrous problem

Fire pit pads

These are protective heat shields that you place between your pavers and the fire pit. Since they are created with carbon fibers, they can withstand volcanic lava. These mats cost under $150 and depending on the size of your pit and patio you can get them customized.

Kiln brick pavers

Now if your pavers are made from kiln fired bricks then it is a different story altogether. Kiln bricks can endure temperatures a lot higher than concrete and therefore relatively safer.

Fire bricks

Fire bricks are specifically made for fire pits so they can endure scalding hot temperatures and laying them on top of each other beneath the fire pit and over the pavers is the best protection for your patio. By creating an elevated platform you will be able to protect the ground underneath but be careful not to topple over the pit. Either use a cement to build a permanent brick pad or arrange them carefully together to form something like a slab for your fire pit.

That being said the preferred option for building the safest fire pit is with fire bricks and fire clay mortar as these materials are made to be used in furnaces and brick ovens therefore, can withstand extremely high temperatures without detonating like a ticking bomb.

It always advised to exercise caution and keep a fire extinguisher handy in case things get out of hand, no matter what type of fire pit you want to build. It is better be safe than sorry. If you are planning on getting a personalized fire pit, we at Rock Solid Pavers have designed and installed hundreds of them, leaving our customers fully satisfied. For more information or free consultation contact us today on our website.